WIRLIE MORRIS, Music Producer/Composer

WIRLwide Entertainment, LLC, Metro Atlanta, GA


Wirlie Morris grew up as the son of a jazz percussionist father and a gospel pianist Mother. Wirlie began singing and playing musical instruments as a toddler and by age 8 he was playing keyboard in his local church. Morris evolved from playing the keyboard in church to the professional world of music.

Starting his professional music career playing bass guitar with the SOS Band introduced Wirlie Morris to funk legends Confunkshun, The Gap Band, The Ohio Players. His impeccable music skill paved the way for his quick rise to music director for the SOS Band, Keith Sweat and LSG. Morris knew he not only belonged on the stage but in record production. While on tour with the SOS Band, Morris was introduced to Charlie Wilson. Morris penned For your Love & Sweet Love for the Wilson’s first solo album from the GAP Band titled “Bridging the Gap.”

Morris’s musical and production prestige led to the start of his own production company, Take Note Entertainment and publishing company, Universal Lingo. Morris’s new production company WIRLwide Entertainment, currently produced several tracks on Charlie Wilson’s latest album “Just Charlie” released December 7th 2010 including the #1 single “You Are” as well as “My Girl is a Dime,” “I Can’t Let Go,” “Crying for You,” “Where Would I Be,” and “Lotto.” Morris’s other recent projects include tracks on Keith Sweat’s “Ridin Solo” album released June 22nd 2010 and Dru Hill’s “InDrupendence Day” album released July 27, 2010. Morris continues to work with the top names in the music business and provide quality production for all his clients.

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